Pros and Cons of Hiring a VA.

A VA might not be for you What they won’t tell you about VA’s. (an unbiased breakdown of an off shore VA, pro and con style) Ever thought to yourself “I could use some help” ? Me too! I turned to an offshore VA when I got to that point my business. The thing is, […]

How Virtual Assistants are Helping to Keep Businesses Afloat Even During Covid19 Pandemic

These times when joblessness has spiked, businesses are shutting, and “social distancing” has entered the worldwide vocabulary. How’s next for businesses? Sadly, no one but time can tell. In any case, we do realize that there are some main points of contention that each finance manager across the world needs to consider: Entrepreneurs will be […]

The Rise of Virtual Assistance and Its Role and Importance in Businesses

The normal entrepreneur can find it difficult to oversee activities; between managing customers and representatives and following up on agreements, he/she scarcely has the opportunity to breathe, not to mention develop. Everybody around desires to “get a partner,” yet a full-time devoted colleague isn’t generally in the cards. A virtual one can be.   What […]

Top 5 Reasons Why A Virtual Assistant Plays an Important Role to Your Business

The virtual assistant industry has gained a reputable name in the past few years due to its role in keeping businesses efficient and productive regardless of scope and specialisations. Additionally, it grew its roots in in-demand, fast-paced environments such as customer support, administrative duties, social media marketing, data entry, accounting, etc. Below are the top […]

What Makes a Virtual Receptionist an Excellent Backend Support?

Between 75 – 80% of individuals starting a Virtual Assistance (VA) business have an administrative background or some likeness thereof. Like a Personal Assistant or an Executive Assistant for instance. While those abilities are valuable, customers are searching for more than admin abilities. They are searching for individuals that can set up the devices, innovation, […]

Reasons Why a Great Customer Service Team is Vital to Business Longevity and Financial Success

When constructing a successful business, everything screams for attention. Inside that flood, why focus on customer service? So, happy customers lead to more cash, development, and sustainability. Indeed, service matters. The product does as well, tech, plan, distribution, marketing, sales, manufacturing… and the myriad of different assets in your company.   Income dictates each business […]

How Can VA World Outsourcing Help Improve Your Recruitment Process?

With attrition in traditional outsourcing being generally high, VA World Outsourcing decided to invest heavily in pre-screening. We source and speak with every VA candidate before endorsing to you for final interview. Below are ways on how we at VA World Outsourcing can help you improve your recruitment process.   Staff Acquisition and Training We […]